Saturday 8 March 2014

Lakes - Coniston - Windrush cottage - March 1st-8th - 2014

The mandatory Morrisons shop completed.

Passing Lake Windermere.

Remains of a copper mine.

The cables from the ropeway were huge.

Taking shelter in a quarry.

One chicken.

Second chicken.

Two chickens.


Gravy`s off.

Monday morning from the lounge.

Waiting for Simon to arrive.

He`s here!

This lovely chap found Bobs glasses after he`d dropped them!

A ropeway gantry.

On top of The Old Man.

It really was that hot!

Ruth`s flapjack

An old mining tunnel, probably for drainage.

I showed this to Old Bill who knew straight
away it was American and had a broken-off
winding handle on the top jig!

Simon rushing away.

Wonderful lunch spot.

One of the prettiest valleys we`ve walked down.

Bob playing chess with Ian!

One of the Bonser mine shafts, 1350ft down underneath the winding timbers!

The same shaft by natural light.

You can see the Thriddle Incline in the distance.

The Incline railway.

Perfectly cooked gammon,

Unusual for Mark to be so quiet!

Down at Coniston Water

 Peters beer bat.

The Ford Galaxy we hired.

Windrush Cottage.

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